WHY join SANOTA and pay a membership fee?

SANOTA is recognized by ORCSA (Off-road Council of South Africa) and Government as the representative association for Off-road Driver Trainers.

SANOTA's membership collaborate in the setting of standards for the conducting of Off-Road Driver Training to ensure that all affiliated members operate against the same professional instruction base.

Members submit themselves to being audited against these standards and work to close any gaps identified.

Furthermore, members ensure that they are legally compliant, agree to and uphold a Code of Conduct and operate in line with the SANOTA policies and constitution, thus ensuring credibility and professionalism of Off-Road Driver Training.

SANOTA's work with Government, Industry and other Off-road players, highlight the desirability of using our members to support driver training requirements as required by them.

Member details will be made available on the SANOTA website for purposes of such interaction as indicated above.

If SANOTA is approached to offer possible commercial opportunities to it's members, then that Tender or offer will be circulated to the members and it will be up to members to contact the Client to take said opportunity further.

Branding, Recognition and "Advertising" in the form of Certificates, Branded Clothing and Badges with the SANOTA logo are being investigated and once approved will be made available.

Off-Road Driver Training Issues can be brought to the attention of the Committee such that we can direct members accordingly or seek resolution with the involvement of various parties through facilitation in the stated issues.

Training for Trainers is a key objective of SANOTA and thus members are encouraged to participate in workshops to share knowledge thereby increasing and improving the skill as well as quality of all members whom belong to SANOTA..

SANOTA for the Trainer by the Trainer !